Leza O’Dowd

Create. Encourage. Inspire.

‘Leza’s debut novel is fast paced, action packed reading.’

The Other Side 
 Things are looking up for nineteen year old Joe Exiter. Great parents. Good job. The next thing on his list is only a phone call away. His dreams are finally coming true…

      …until he is taken to a place far from home and doesn’t know how to get back.

      He’s never run faster in his life. His survival skills are woefully lacking. He has no one to rely on but himself and he may just lose his mind when solitude becomes unbearable. He’s in a world of trouble and each has dangers worse than the one before.

  The doors are the key but can he stay alive long enough to find the one that leads him back home?

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About Me

Leza lives in Central Victoria, Australia with her husband, two children and two dogs.

If she’s not reading, she’s writing. If she’s not writing, she’s drawing or painting.

As well as editing, formatting, proofreading and publishing, Leza has a range of talents that you will come to love as you read her stories.

She has a Diploma in Professional Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, has completed a comprehensive writing course and loves to teach drawing lessons. She is always creating, encouraging others and is driven to inspire people to improve their passions and never give up.